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Older adults walking

Healthy Aging

Lifelong healthy habits not only help to increase your lifespan but also your healthspan, the time period in which you enjoy good health. As we age, a healthy lifestyle promotes physical and mental well-being. Tips for Healthy Aging Follow these tips at any age to promote healthy aging! Social activities: […]


Planning Ahead for Physical Activity

By planning ahead, you will be more likely to fit physical activity into your daily schedule and more quickly be able to achieve your health goals! Create a successful physical activity plan using the strategies listed below. Organize the night before. Set yourself up for success by preparing and planning […]


New Year, New You

A new year means the possibility of exciting new opportunities! If you’re tired of your workout routine or the same list of groceries, with a little effort you can explore new ways to live, eat, and play for a healthier and happier you in the year to come. Listed below […]