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Tips to Be an Active Family

Including physical activity into your family’s routine has lifelong benefits. Being physically active as a family is one way to spend time together, promote healthy living and experience numerous health benefits. While many families’ schedules are busy, there are many ways to make physical activity part of your regular lifestyle. […]


Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that older adults should move more and sit less. However, any physical activity is better than none, as even five minutes of physical activity has immediate health benefits. Older Adult Recommendations Choose variety. Engage in a variety of exercises that include aerobic, muscle-strengthening […]


Making Physical Activity a Habit

Often, maintaining daily physical activity is difficult. Fortunately, there are easy ways to try and make it a habit. Follow these tips to build physical activity into your daily routine! Make it convenient. Try being physically active at a time and place that is enjoyable for you. Do a variety […]