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Canning Vegetables

by P. Kendall and E. Shackelton* (9/13) Quick Facts… Most recipes for home canned foods will require elevation adjustments to time and/or the processing method. Can vegetables only in a pressure canner and at the pressure required to reach 240° F for your elevation. At varying elevations, the processing time stays […]


Guide to Handling Fresh Produce

by E. Shackelton, A. Zander and M. Bunning *(4/2020) Quick Facts… Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential and flavorful part of a healthful diet. Types of fresh produce vary widely, from root vegetables to delicate berries, and recommended methods of cleaning depend on the type and characteristics of the produce. […]


Safe Food Facts for Community Gardens

by M. Bunning and M. Newby 1(01/2020) Quick Facts… Community gardens offer unique opportunities to enjoy the rewards of growing your own food. To ensure safety and quality, community gardeners should manage gardens and handle fresh produce properly. Following these practical tips can help you enjoy safe garden grown fruits and […]