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Sourdough Basics: Caring for your Starter and Making Bread

Did you know… The fermenting microorganisms in sourdough starter need to be fed fresh flour and water regularly to survive and grow. Regular removal of some starter is an important step when feeding to stabilize the volume of microorganisms and ensure nourishment for metabolic processes. A benefit from maintaining a […]

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Cooking Beans at High Elevation Using an Electric Pressure Cooker

To Salt or Not to Salt Cooking recommendations vary regarding the addition of salt when pre-soaking beans before cooking. A state-wide team from Colorado State University Extension tested a new 12-24 hour salted water pre-soak method using electric pressure cookers at a variety of locations and elevations and found the […]

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How to Convert Slow Cooker Recipes for Electric Pressure Cooking

The electric pressure cooker and the slow cooker may look alike, but they function very differently. The name of each appliance says it all — slow-cooked food takes hours, while the electric pressure cooker prepares food quickly. When you’re converting a slow-cooker recipe to an electric pressure cooker, keep the […]